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Someone is killing witches who are moderately low powered magic users and wiccans who may be magic users, but are often not and leaving clues that only a wizard can find. They're set up to look Book 9 of the Dresden Files series. I could barely put it down, the book captivated me so completely. There is plenty of action, but that is not what made this compelling.

There is a transparency to But I find I resent the little scifi series graphic on the book and I resent even more that I have a hard time separating book Dresden from TV series Harry's investigation of a serial killer targeting minor-league witches embroils him in the intrigues of the vampiric White Court, and he reaches a turning point in his interaction with the fallen angel Lasciel.

OMG, I love this series. Harry is at his best saving the damsel and blowing things up. This time he may have to take on the White Court to solve the mystery. I like it when we stay in the relatively This is the 8th book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher - and I'm really enjoying how the character, Harry Dresden, is growing. However, she and several other wizards in attendance confirm his reliability as a witness, and Harry uses him and a set of surveillance photos to expose a traitor within the White Council. In Small Favor , it is indicated that Mouse, in addition to comprehending speech, can show emotion on a level with humans - when told to "take the catnip away" if it makes Mister sick, he seems to indicate doubt; when Thomas claims that what he said earlier about Harry was a joke, Mouse merely flicks his ears and turns away.

Also, when Harry jokes about shaking himself dry like Mouse in Michael Carpenter's home, Michael responds that Mouse would be too polite to do so inside and is promptly proven correct. In Changes , Mouse is proven to have intelligence as great as any human, and in correct circumstances the ability not only to comprehend human speech but also to communicate as well as any human in his own language.

He is also referred to as a "Mountain Ice Demon from the Land of Dreams" by two high ranking Red Court vampires, as well as Harry's Fairy Godmother, who, if not afraid of Mouse, is at least wary of his abilities. He also indicates, when the Leanansidhe questioned Harry's having "won" Mouse, he was the one who "won" Harry, raising the question as to which one actually "owns" the other, although Jim Butcher has stated that Mouse and the Leanansidhe did not mean the same thing when they said "won".

In addition, it is here shown that he has a personality very similar to Dresden's, evidenced both by his willingness to fight and kill Lea in order to turn the group back to normal Harry and several allies had been shapeshifted into dogs by Lea during a mission. While it's possible that the similar personalities are a result of living with Harry most of his life, even as a puppy Mouse displayed the very Harry-like trait of standing up to things far bigger than him. He is able to see and physically interact with the spirit form of Harry.

The archangel Uriel calls Mouse "little brother" and tells him his task is not yet over. Uriel also assures Harry that temple dogs live for centuries, and Mouse is more than capable of protecting Maggie for a lifetime, even a wizard's lifetime.

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In Skin Game , Mouse is still Maggie's protector, and is in fact allowed to go with her to school as a service dog. This disturbs Harry somewhat when he realizes that, with Mouse's intelligence, he will attain a formal educational level higher than Harry ever did, although he can easily picture Mouse getting along well with everyone at the school and enjoying attention while acting like a "normal" friendly dog, especially after Michael tells him that several kids are allowed to play with Mouse during recess as a reward. Assumed to be the eldest daughter of the White King, Lara is described as being "not easily quantifiable" regarding beauty, grace, or art.

She's tall, with glossy, curly hair "so dark that its highlights were nearly blue Above all else her word is always honest; being given safe passage by Lara always ensures she will go to extreme lengths to preserve her word. Since secretly taking over from her father she has ended all threats to his position of power, removing the leaders of the other two houses and beefing up security. While ruthless and practical from her father's lessons and punishments she does have a few desires to do the right thing such as helping her younger sister find true love away from the family as opposed to their father's desire to awaken her vampire side and become another pawn of his.

She tried to push a peace effort between the Red Court and White Council for unknown reasons, but due to the White Court's nature to be self-serving, backstabbing schemers and traitors, this is unlikely to be for the benefit of either the Council or the Red Court. Any influence, rewards, etc. After the events of Blood Rites, Harry and Lara are currently locked in a stalemate as Harry knows the White King has become a mere figurehead Lara 'challenged' Daddy to a supremacy duel after finding out his power was blocked and Lara knows Thomas is Harry's half-brother.

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Despite the growing hostility between them, there appears to be a great deal of respect as well, in particular from Lara for Dresden's own skills at manipulation and deduction. She might even consider Dresden 'family' somewhat as Thomas is half her brother and half his but can't really do much other than 'help' with strings attached for political reasons. She might even like him a little as he helped her younger sister despite his bad relations with the family and lack of reward among other things.

On the other hand, it could partly be self-preservation on her part to keep her father from 'waking up' and regaining his power since the spell blocking it off is self-sustaining and active only as long as Harry and Thomas live. There she also shows the capabilities she has in a fight where she and Thomas single-handedly stop cold a group of charging uber-ghouls. She repeats the offer for Harry to join her in Turn Coat and when faced with death from the Council Harry seems to actually consider it.

At the end of Changes , Lara, though not seen directly, re-asserts her power to Harry by somehow making a U. Navy Cruiser and helicopter available for the extraction of Molly, Mouse, and her brother Thomas. During Cold Days , she again makes her influence known through an emergency credit card given to Thomas; it is valid for 24 hours after first being used and has no limit. She is also helping Murphy and co discreetly as a silent partner for unknown reasons after Harry was sniped.

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Stationed in Los Angeles, Ramirez is the youngest wizard of the White Council to ever be promoted to regional commander, given the job due to the severe casualties of war with the Red Court. While still young by wizarding standards, Ramirez possesses formidable combat skills honed during the war, which compensates for a relative lack of raw power compared to some of his compatriots.

Generally displaying a cocky and confident demeanor, Ramirez is, at heart, deeply courageous and loyal to his friends. While smooth-talking and obsessed with women, it was rather ironically revealed during the events of White Night that Ramirez is still a virgin. In battle he heavily favors water magic and conventional weaponry; he has on more than one occasion used grenades and firearms instead of his magic in order to conserve his strength.

His principal magical weapon is the use of a type of emerald green energy which seems to break down materials into more component pieces, although on organic matter it seems to work as a desiccant, removing all traces of moisture from the area it hits, turning it into a form of sand. His defensive magic consists of a jelly-like shield that allows incoming projectiles to pass through, but uses their own kinetic energy to break them down into small harmless particles.

He and Harry consider each other to be good friends and hold each other in considerable respect.

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Ramirez regards Harry's power level with some awe and has often later referred to some impressive feat of magic that Harry performed with great admiration. In Changes, Ramirez led a team of Wardens to confront Cristos, resulting in the capture and arrest of all members of the team except one Warden Chandler. In Cold Days , it is reported that he is recovering from an unidentified serious injury, which is shown to have been accidentally caused by Molly in the short story, Cold Case.

Susan was a reporter who covered supernatural events for The Midwestern Arcane tabloid newspaper.

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She began soliciting Harry for information on wizards and odd occurrences in Chicago. The two began a romantic relationship in Fool Moon that unofficially ended when Susan was bitten with intent to turn as well as feed rather than the usual just feeding by Bianca in the third book Grave Peril. Susan was a half-vampire and remained so until she was overwhelmed by her emotions and urges resulting in the death of a human - see Changes , with enhanced strength, speed, recovery abilities, night vision, and narcotic saliva a Red Court vampire's self-titled 'Kiss'.

Unfortunately this will haunt her for the rest of her life as there is no magic or science known to man that can reverse the condition, even with Bianca's death. In Changes , the Leanansidhe forces Susan to sleep by making her inner predator dormant, and offers to bargain with Harry for her knowledge, which he declines. Harry had been having trouble saying "I love you" to Susan, and only blurted it out when she went into vampiric bloodlust.

Susan recovered somewhat after hearing that. She was captured by Bianca and used as a hostage, but was rescued by Harry. She leaves Chicago, and is asked by Harry to marry him. She refuses due to the dangers of her half-vampiric nature causing her to have trouble separating her lust for blood from other feelings, although she still loves him. She joined the Fellowship of St. The binding warns her by changing colors when she approaches the limits of her control and cover her entire body. Harry and Susan officially parted ways after the events of Death Masks. Lara Raith is astonished that Susan's true love for him is making him toxic to White Court vampires even after being separated for 2—3 years meaning he hasn't slept with anyone else since as White vampires are beings that feed on lust, and love is the positive opposite of lust and therefore poisonous to them.

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Although this protection will only last until he has loveless sex with someone else. Susan returns in Changes, surprising Harry with the news that they have a daughter, Maggie. Maggie, now eight years old, has been kidnapped by the Red Court to be sacrificed in a powerful blood curse that will kill every living member of her bloodline, including Ebenezar McCoy Harry's grandfather. As the ritual is about to begin, Susan's colleague Martin apparently reveals himself as a traitor to the Order and causes her to lose control of her vampiric nature, as part of his secret plan to strike at the Red Court.

Martin tricks her into giving in to her blood lust killing him and becomes the youngest full Red Court vampire. Harry then kills her on the sacrificial altar, triggering the Red Court's powerful bloodline curse against the Red Court themselves and wiping out every Red Court vampire older than Susan. The majority of Red Court vampire victims in St.

Giles became fully human, but having had drastically extended lifespans, most of them immediately died.

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In any case, even if a few young Red Court vampires remain they are too young, weak, and inexperienced to hold the Red Court's position in the monster hierarchy leaving a void eager to be filled by others. All the powerful and ancient ones were killed by the Bloodline curse. The Leanansidhe promises to treat Susan's body with respect and honor, and to take Harry to her burial site whenever he wishes. Susan is only present in one episode of the television series adaptation of the books, the episode "Storm Front.

She is blonde, rather than Hispanic in appearance, and is a reporter for a mainstream publication. She is shocked to discover magic and demons are real, rather than trying to uncover their existence as part of her job.