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Suddenly the very tall man's eyes settled on my face and blazed into me with spiky pupils of curiosity and recognition, sizing me up and down, inside and out. I held my breath for an endless moment, then he spoke: "I'd rather be married to you for 40 years than f you for 40 minutes. It was startling, yes, but somehow that statement put me at ease.

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I thought it was profound and deep, and quite a twisted compliment. I can still see his eyes splattering my tender Valley heart all over Ben Frank's parking lot, almost 50 years later.

This was my introduction to Hollywood and its cast of characters, and Kim Fowley was proudly the leader of that particular pack. He insisted on that lofty role and no one questioned his authority.

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He held court at Canter's, The Trip, Whiskey A Go Go; at love-ins, parties and concerts, towering over all and sundry without fear, remorse or shame. The man's IQ was intimidating and irritating, and his exquisitely honed ego tortured those who took him too seriously.

Ace Attorney Trilogy - Trials and Tribulations - Episode 5: Bridge to the Turnabout

He demanded the best you could offer and wreaked havoc with his uncanny wit when you came up short. He actually had faith in humanity and we constantly disappointed him.

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I have been developing in Access for 14 years and now have a client who wants a database to link to SQL Server , copy tables and run M. I downloaded a free 6-month Evaluation copy of SQL server and loaded it on to my pc. After some trials and tribs, I managed to do what was expected, yesterday.

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Today, I can't even connect to the Server. Nothing else related to the SQL Server works either, presumably coz I can't connect to it, including giving myself admin permissions in Configuration. None of the Help files and Tutorials cover this eventuality, except to say "Start the server first! The message I [sometimes] get says [inter alia] "Default settings do not allow remote connections", but I can find no clue how to change the Default settings, or that the attempt to connect has timed out [].

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How about this. Who am I? Thanks for your reply.