Manual The Passion-Driven Sermon: Changing the Way Pastors Preach and Congregations Listen

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But an intriguing aspect of this book is that the author structures its reading in such a way to accommodate two paths for the reader. One takes you through a linear progression that fully covers each major theme before moving to the next. An alternative reading plan is offered for the reader to follow a more pragmatic track that moves the subject matter of the book Content, Resource, and Goal through each of the theme headings in order to develop them from foundation to consideration to application.

This facilitates an interesting and helpful approach to studying the foundational themes the author is pressing the reader into, while also allowing the reader to be able to fully consider the subject matter completely through each theme. This book is not written to be a textbook manual for preparing, writing, or preaching sermons. Rather, the deeper motive and purpose for preaching is explored with insight and application that is pregnant with correction and instruction for the preacher and listener.

This is not a defense of expository preaching. As a result, it covers every major area in the preaching event without laboring through more specific details pertaining to technical matters. The strength of the content of this material, especially with the alternative reading plan, is that the reader is able to move from foundational issues to philosophical issues to practical issues all on a single subject in a progressive line of reading. This allows the reader to not only be challenged by the content, but also to more fully develop personal responses to the content that are very applicable.

As well, it ties the practices of the preacher through his philosophical framework to a biblical foundation.

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This is a thread that can be often lost when themes are explored systematically. I found it easy to remember and relate what had been said to what was being stated. In the alternative reading path, I followed the subject matter through each major theme, from foundation to philosophy to practice. The first theme was Content. This was a strong beginning and really started the book in a bold manner.

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Without hesitation, the first chapter set the tone for the entire book by immediately challenging so many fallacies, errors, and inconsistencies in modern day preaching. Every preacher must determine what he will preach.

Will it be only Christ and him crucified, as the Apostle Paul determined? For this reason, the preacher must also avoid originating application based simply on a metaphor created from the text. This process has been known throughout church history as allegorizing and became a prominent hermeneutical approach in the Eastern Church through the influential preaching ministry of Origen. So when the preacher finds Joshua marching around Jericho, he must resist the temptation to offer some spiritualized analogy.

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Today, an insufficient or absent reverence for the Word of God has sent congregations into search mode as they pursue a boundless array of felt needs not directly addressed in Scripture. In response, the preacher struggles to become a sort of guru sharing life principles rather than a herald announcing truth. This process results in less not more reverence for the Word of God as congregations then follow their shepherd into the shifting seas of felt needs away from green pastures of truth.

The bottom line is that the preacher has only delegated authority passed to him as he says what God has said. For this reason, explanation of the text must be the primary purpose of the preaching event.

NOBTS prof, pastor affirms expository preaching in 'Passion-driven Sermon'

All other aspects of the preaching event become resources to this end; including aspects of the performance, rhetoric employed, and the outcome sought. This concept cannot be overstated and its implications must be understood. The authority of biblical preaching is the Spirit of God. The content of biblical preaching is the Word of God.

Biblical preaching, then, is the Spirit empowered explanation of a particular passage of Scripture. Stephen F. Olford and David L. Kaiser forms an excellent argument that, to a large degree, it is this crisis of poor exegesis in the sermonic process which occasioned opportunities for all the others. For an excellent discussion on the topic and hints on resolving see Walter C.

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Kaiser Jr. Here I wish to make a distinction between non-biblical, which denotes a concept not found in Scripture but may not directly contradict Scripture, and un-biblical, which denotes a concept not found in Scripture and does directly contradict Scripture. Shaddix, The Passion Driven Sermon, Robert Kysar and Joseph M.

enter site Pastors and congregations need to bring a proper understanding of preaching to the worship service. Drawing from 1 Corinthians 2, Shaddix builds a case for biblical exposition as the primary way for communicating God's Word. He explains that expository preaching is the process of "exposing" the original meaning of a biblical text and sharing the implications of that meaning with contemporary listeners.

Expository preaching focuses on God rather than the needs of individual leaders.

Because expositors attempt to encounter and communicate the "true voice of God" in the biblical text, understanding the purpose of the Bible is essential, Shaddix said. Shaddix believes the purpose of the Bible is to glorify God and to show His agenda of recreating mankind into His image. This purpose, he said, is exhibited through the Old and New Testaments.