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Atanasoff described how the machine worked in a page paper he wrote to attract more funding.

Vannevar Bush - The Man Who Didn't Invent The Computer

That paper became a critical element in a court decision that affirmed Atanasoff as the inventor of the computer in That court decision invalidated a patent other scientists had claimed. Atanasoff's invention was a milestone, but also only a steppingstone to the personal computers we depend on today. Some passages of Smiley's bio are challenging simply because the topics, mathematical and mechanical, require effort to grasp.

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Her writing is clear and crisp. She also finds plenty of drama and personality along the way: "There was no inventor of the computer," she writes about these scientists collectively, "who was not a vivid personality, and no two are alike.

Whether this was a labor of love or a bread-and-butter job for the eclectic Smiley, readers can be grateful she used her intelligence and narrative skills to tell this story. Lightning Bolt's Sonic Citadel is both punishingly noisy and, at times, surprisingly tuneful.

The Land Before Bits and Bytes

People who are on Lightning Bolt's exceedingly loud, improvisational vibe will find plenty to like here. The Dead South combine bluegrass and string band sounds into one excellent package with Sugar and Joy. With a headlining show as part of Ghostly International's 20th anniversary, Tobacco reflects on his own start, why he went with Ghostly, and why his old band Black Moth Super Rainbow is closing up shop. Victor Serge, a rare survivor of Stalin's Terror, had a keen, razor-sharp intelligence and made observations that are highly relevant to our troubled times.

Anyone in the world who uses a mouse or enjoys the productive benefits of a personal computer is indebted to him. The display of the technology garnered a standing ovation at the computer conference in San Francisco. However, Mr Engelbart conceived the idea of the mouse so early in the evolution of computers that he and his colleagues didn't profit much from it. The article was very interesting but: Alan Turing provided practical 'electrical' computing to deciphering the Enigma codes in or so.

In I was at the British bureau of Standards in Teddington, and saw one of the first practical computations for hydro plane-ing. A car doing mph on the, then, first section of the new M1 Motorway, crashed after it became airborne.

Douglas Engelbart, the man who invented the computer mouse, has died

The computer was in a very large room full if racks of Octal valve tube flip-flops. The main control panel had dozens of tube amplifiers, and a digital voltmeter. I was there to service the digital voltmeter and trade out some amplifiers. Back then our main computer was an RCA Spectra It filled a very large airconditiond room a bvb d could batch process Holerith cards cards coded with Fortran IV equations. So, I believe that your arrival should be corrected to include the early kit computers, Cray 1, etc. Yeah, it slots between Colossus and the Manchester Baby. I didn't include it as it wasn't the "first" for anything, there were already electronic computers and it wasn't a stored program machine.

An important piece of kit though, no doubt. Try DietPi! Christian Cawley. Top Deals.

Who Invented the First Computer and When? We Investigate. We Investigate Dan Price March 7, 6 minutes.

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First “thinking machine”

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