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But you may need more visitors than you anticipated. And yes, it will take time and effort.

Pros and Cons of starting a blog

However, a couple of useful hints that you are on the right path:. If you are laser — focused with your content it will be much easier for people and search engines as well to recognize you as the authority. Stick to your chosen niche! There are many ways to monetize your blog more on this later on.

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Seeing products being sold online, companies placing Google Ads or products with affiliate programs are generally good signs that the niche is profitable. Start by identifying your competitors. It shows a value between 0 and , which refers to its Keyword Difficulty. You should use your common sense and ditch those topics with crazy competition.

Why does your startup need a blog?

A couple of tips to assess the competitiveness:. Personally, I find the following to be the most common spins you can use to differentiate your blog — you can use more than one at a time:. Now that we have the topic for your blog, we need to name it. However, this can be tricky as these domain names can also be penalized by Google e. My advice is to stay away from this unless you know what you are doing.

WordPress itself is free. However, having good hosting is very important e. However, not all that glitters is gold and WordPress has some complications you should be aware of. WordPress is an advanced solution, and the limitations are virtually zero. You can modify their system to adapt it to your needs e.

Make Money Blogging

If you get an affordable hosting provider e. Move your site anywhere If you are unhappy with your current hosting provider e. Add crazy functionality via plugins WordPress allows you to add plugins extensions to give extra features to your WordPress blog e. Variety of themes WordPress has endless themes e.

10 WordPress Blogging Tips Beginner Bloggers Need to Know

Be warned, some themes are better than others. However, to modify your design or even update your system coding may be required. Installation and updates WordPress needs to be installed on a server — easy enough. If you get stuck, be ready to read long forum threads or to hire a developer. Security WordPress is an open source project and sometimes evil hackers find vulnerabilities and use them to compromise websites. Typically, this is fixed straight away with updates, but be aware that getting hacked is possible if you omit them. Squarespace is a classic website builder. It first started in in Maryland but then established itself in New York City.

How To Make Money Blogging (In No Time)

Along with Wix, Squarespace has the best designs. It comes with over templates you can fully customize. Similar to Weebly, you can add any building element to your blog posts, i. You can fully manage your blog posts and even most aspects of your website using their mobile apps. However, it has a day trial so you can test the waters. This could have bad implications for SEO. Even though everything looks super polished, I found their website editor a bit cumbersome to use at times. Also, there is no real preview mode, everything you save is directly published online. I think Squarespace is great for those who want a blog with a design that wows.

Their ecommerce features are also well integrated on their blog. For instance, you can change the post layout e. On top of that, it comes with robust blogging features like RSS feed, categories, post scheduling and author profiles. Weebly is on my Top 3 tools for ease of use. Unlike other website builders and WordPress, Weebly allows users to add any element to a blog post.

6 Tips to Make Small Business Blogging Easier

For example, image slideshows, forms or maps. Dedicated support They offer hour support by email, telephone or live chat. This is a big advantage when compared to WordPress. Not as powerful. All in all this can limit your potential to stand out against other blogs. However, other solutions like WordPress or Wix have a bigger variety. For instance, with Weebly, you have limited use of heading tags only H1 and H2.

Well, another top-notch tool when it comes to ease of use. Astonishing designs As I see it, they do have the best designs. But on top of that, they offer over 50 blogging templates for free. Dedicated support They have a 24 hours support team that will answer your questions either by email or phone. For example, organize events, membership pages or even advanced galleries for photographers.

You only need to upgrade to a paid plan if you are happy with it and want to use your own domain name. SEO issues.

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Find more information here. If you are looking to create a very visual website with a blog attached to it e. Templates or themes will shape the blog layout and desig n. And here is when the confusion begins. So let me show you how to install a new theme for your WordPress blog :. However, not all blogs have these so you may not need it.

This is how I personally tackle it:. It goes without saying that your content should read amazingly and should not have grammar or spelling mistakes. You can always ask a friend for feedback or hire a proofreader from UpWork or Freelancer. Very often it takes some time until the piece gets indexed in Google. My question is, would it be reasonable to start a blog now? I would also write about travels within the US and my international trips about twice a year.

Would it be worth using these past experiences and occasional trips?