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This is a quality of the character of God Psa ; Psa Ezra and Nehemiah show us what this is like. Sermon Manuscript. The Persistent Problem of Intermarriage Why was this behavior such a problem? In fact, the Bible provides examples of prominent Israelite men marrying foreign wives: Abraham married Keturah, a non-Israelite Gen ; to marry an Israelite, he would have had to marry another sister or one of his granddaughters.

Judah married Shua, a Canaanite Gen Joseph married Asenath, an Egyptian Gen Moses married Zipporah, a Midianite Exo This instance is especially noteworthy since Moses was the man who provided the laws on intermarriage! Salmon married Rahab, a Canaanite Matt Boaz married Ruth, a Moabite Ruth First, it showed that the people had not learned their lesson. They had endured captivity in a foreign place for seventy long years for committing similar sins.

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Despite these radical consequences, they returned rapidly to this wrong behavior anyway. Second, they did this repeatedly. Not long after Zerubbabel rebuilt the Temple and Ezra restored Temple worship, the people — especially their leaders —married pagan wives Ezra Good leaders agonize deeply over spiritual failure.

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Good leaders may respond to spiritual failures in different ways, seemingly opposite ways. Ezra sat down and prayed a long, humble, heartfelt prayer to God Ezra Nehemiah took immediate action instead and prayed brief prayers for himself along the way Neh ff. Ezra took a more passive approach, waiting long enough for the people to come to him on their initiative Ezra Nehemiah took a more active approach, giving dogmatic orders and coercing people to change through physical force and blunt argumentation as a superior authority Neh , 11, 17, Be ready in season and out of season.

Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. A pastor must convince, rebuke, and exhort in a patient, thoughtful way, not in a forceful, belligerent way. This phrase does not emphasize a forceful and vociferous speaking style, as some may suppose. The teaching ministry of Jesus demonstrated this biblical approach to spiritual leadership.

It was an authority marked by a calm, confident, thorough understanding of Scripture Matt ; Mark ; John Or perhaps he was just genuinely frustrated. T This is an important Bible study principle.

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A young man has decided to help each person in his priesthood quorum participate in Church meetings and activities. Point out that in the book of Nehemiah we learn about the opposition Nehemiah faced and how he overcame that opposition. Invite students as they study the book of Nehemiah to look for principles that will help them overcome opposition in their lives. Explain that Nehemiah was a Jew who served as the cupbearer to the Persian king see Nehemiah Nehemiah was in a position of trust and honor before the king.

Invite the class to follow along and look for what Nehemiah learned about the remnant or group of Jews who were living in Jerusalem.

What did Nehemiah learn about the Jews in Jerusalem and the condition of the city? Remind students that approximately 90 years earlier, the Persian king Cyrus had allowed many Jews to return to Jerusalem to rebuild the temple and establish a community there. Without a wall, Jerusalem was unsafe to live in, and the temple was in danger of being destroyed again. Ask a student to read Nehemiah aloud. Invite the class to follow along, looking for what Nehemiah did after he heard this news. Invite students to report what they find.

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  7. He also prayed that the Lord would prosper him as he sought help from the Persian king Artaxerxes. Invite several students to take turns reading aloud from Nehemiah —6. Summarize Nehemiah —16 by explaining that Nehemiah requested that the king write letters to the governors of Persian provinces so they would allow Nehemiah to pass through their lands on his way to Jerusalem.

    The king also provided Nehemiah with supplies he needed to rebuild the walls and gates of the city. Invite a student to read Nehemiah —19 aloud. Ask the class to look for what Nehemiah announced when he came to Jerusalem and how the people there reacted. Explain that these three men were powerful leaders of other groups of people who were living near Jerusalem. Sanballat was the Persian governor of Samaria and opposed all the works of Nehemiah. Write the following incomplete principle on the board: We will accomplish the work of the Lord despite opposition if we ….

    Invite students to look for ways to complete this principle as they study Nehemiah 3—6. Invite several students to take turns reading aloud from Nehemiah —3, 12— Explain that many groups of Jews each worked on small sections of the wall. Everything that you do in life, you do for the glory of God.

    12 Leadership Principles from the Book of Nehemiah

    It is God that gives you the ability and the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of other people. Jesus is your power.

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    Jesus is your wisdom. When you take on a position of leadership, know that it will be for the longhaul, and know that it is not without obstacles.

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    The obstacles that are placed in front of us are there to help us grow in faith and character. When faced with insurmountable obstacles in a given situation, always respond with prayer. Prayer is your power. July 4, January 23, Nick Roy. Leadership Lessons From Nehemiah Understand the problem and develop a master plan.

    Practical Applications for Leadership When you take on a position of leadership, know that it will be for the longhaul, and know that it is not without obstacles. Share on Facebook Share.

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