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When I contacted Dan, I had just retired from teaching and was thinking about the next stage of my life. My main goals when I started working with Dan were to develop my social life and spend time with more interesting people, to create a second income through writing, and to eventually live abroad and recapture the excitement and inspiration I felt when I was younger and lived abroad in Europe. We had our first coaching call in late September. Dan is fun to talk to and a great listener. Thanks for sharing so much with me — your patience, insightful questions, non-judgmentalness is there such a word?

She asked if I would allow him to interview me for a referral he was writing for her website. I was very impressed with him, his professionalism and in depth questions and began inquiring about his coaching services for myself. I had many years experience running a retail store but was embarking on focusing my business exclusively online while I raise my family.

I began working with Dan just over a year ago. Your first coaching session is a planning session where you layout your goals and set the framework for your future coaching sessions. He must take very detailed notes because he would often refer back to goals I mentioned in this first session months later…. I felt the same as you, hiring a coach was a big monetary investment for me and I wanted to squeeze as much benefit out of each session as possible too. Again, I was very impressed with how focused he would always be from the start of each session, keeping me on track of the goals I set out in the beginning.

He guides you through, checking in with you often during the session to make sure it is accomplishing what you set out to tackle that week. I worked with Dan on a weekly basis for 8 months and took the summer off as I am an artist and attend a lot of shows and fairs with my work these months. I intend to continue working with Dan in the future, especially to plan my next Christmas season of sales.

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With his help I doubled my sales last season! How did he help me with my business…. It encouraged me to engage with my customers on a more personal level and the connections resulted in greater sales. His strengths- I liked that his strengths are broad, both in the technical aspects of online sales, building websites, copywriting, the businessy stuff but then he is also well trained in reading your mood, motivation levels and addresses the personal aspects of being an entrepreneur.

Anything else to keep in mind- Never hesitate to ask any question, express concern or redirecting a session if you need to. He became a friend, one who gives you his undivided attention for the hour and sometimes more focused and determined to achieve your goals than you are!

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He is genuine and wants you to succeed as much as you do. Then I was willing to fail, to look stupid, and to be uncomfortable. But it should be easier for you. I screwed up. You can hire me to be your time travelling cyborg future self! I mean, as your life design and business coach. Oh man, you are so lucky. Dan Johnston Current Location: Prague. Request a Coaching Consultation. Yeah, that makes sense. I should have thought of that.

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Do you just want to hang out instead? Sorry, no. Chloe: Sorry Eliot, but I'm probably gonna hang out with Rachel. Chloe was suspended Chloe: She might be pretty bummed about missing the show. Chloe was expelled Chloe: You know, post show celebration and whatever.

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I was going to text you, actually. I got two tickets in case you changed your mind. Yeah, why not. Chloe: Guess I might as well. Chloe was suspended Chloe: Could be fun to see Victoria crash and burn. Chloe was expelled Chloe: Should see what I got myself expelled for. Still gonna pass. Chloe: Still a no, sorry. Chloe: I better go. My mom is waiting to sic her attack mustache on me. Don't worry about it. See you around, Eliot. Accepted Eliot's invitation Eliot: See you tonight! Declined Eliot's invitation Eliot: See you later, Chloe.

Joyce defended Chloe Joyce: I'll handle it. After today—. Joyce didn't defend Chloe David: Chloe, your mother and I have been talking. I don't care. Chloe: I don't care. Can we please do this later? Chloe: Can we do this later? I don't think I can handle another fight right now. Joyce defended Chloe Joyce: This isn't a fight, Chloe.

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It's a conversation. Remember that. Chloe: I don't need a conversation.

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Not with Sergeant Asshat here. I just need some space. Or what? Chloe: Or what, David? What will you do? She's my mother. Chloe: If my mother has something to say, she will say it to me.

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Gave money to Joyce Joyce: Chloe, we just want to help. Joyce: I know what you did. The money, in my purse? I appreciate it, Chloe, but where did it come from?

Ultimately, almost nothing is more important than scale

I stole it. Chloe: I stole it. Does it matter? Chloe: Does that really matter? Joyce: I'm providing as best as I can. I appreciate what you've done, I'm just I'm worried about you, Chloe! David: Maybe if you'd try listening to me, instead of fighting me about everything, you might actually learn a thing or two.

Saw job fair poster Chloe: What? Like how to have no job? Or how to be a soldier? Didn't see job fair poster Chloe: What? How to be a soldier? David: Soldiers put family and future above self and now. Getting kicked out of school? That's what losers do. Joyce defended Chloe Joyce: David! That's out of line. You weren't with us in there. Chloe was treated unfairly. Chloe was expelled Joyce: You had a scholarship, Chloe. Do you know what that means? What kind of opportunity you gave up? Do you want to work at the diner? Nothing wrong with that.