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Worse still, money for assisting non-Hindus for their pilgrimage comes from endowments given to Hindu institutions that the government controls!

Praying in Hinduism - Why and How-to Do It Right.

Not only is Indian secularism a misnomer, it is downright hypocritical when Hindu religious rights are dismissed and Christian or Muslim ones promoted. Even in law, secularism is openly biased against Hindus. Eg — Hindus are not allowed multiple wives despite religious sanction, but muslims are allowed 4 wives and instant, triple talaq. No — Hindus are not clamouring for multiple wives. However, Muslims organisations are fighting to reinstate instant talaq which is unfair to their own women folk.

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Voters have done this consistently over several elections in the last 3 years. BJP have won states they never had before. I think votes speak volumes. For Shashi to say he would prefer religion and politics to be separate is to divorce Congress from its basic tenants and its very roots. Religion plays a huge role in cuisine, agriculture, architecture, arts and education.

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  • To somehow divorce religion from politics and running of a country is as crazy as removing the head from the heart and expecting both of them to function normally! As long as the government is aware of this, it can bring in policies that balance the rights and wishes of people of all religions. They did nothing to prove if a temple existed there or not. They did nothing to bring anyonr involved to court. They sat on eternally long, multiple cases so they could milk this incidence for votes. Muslims and Hindus are aware of this tactic now and no one falls for it when Congress uses it again and again.

    Gujarat happened while Congress was in control at the centre.

    They threw every legal tool they had to try and convict Modi and BJP. After 12 solid years, they failed when supreme court proved that Modi and BJP had nothing to do with the violence and they did everything to bring it under control. To keep calling someone guilty when the supreme court has vindicated them is contempt of court and the judicial process. Gujarat has seen worse communal violence under Congress rule before cehck out the stats on communal violence on the internet. Since , there have been no communal clashes in Gujarat under BJP. What does that say about BJP vs Congress rule?

    This shows that progressive liberal muslims are on the side of the BJP.

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    Many Hindu scriptures start as a conversation. In these spiritual conversations, one person asks a question and the other responds by quoting conversations between sages and gods from previous periods. Fact that their conversations with their mentors have been preserved in such pristine condition is a remarkable feat. Students ask the sages and voice their doubts. Maybe Shashi never read that page. An average Hindu visits several different temples through the day.

    They are not stuck with singular ideas, ideals or idols yes, we still worship idols! By nature and design, Hinduism believes in diversity. It is multiflorous. Hindus enjoy listening to different, divergent ideas. They appreciate that Hinduism gives them the freedom to adopt and adapt the religion to their own requirements. Unfortunately, this is not the tidy, coffee-table-book size Hinduism that Sashi would like them to have. If only he spoke to the ordinary Indian Hindus, most who dont speak English, he might have come up with different conclusions. Hindus have been very patient with Congress.

    For over 60 years they waited to see if Congress would deliver on their secular promises. When they saw that despite the rhetoric, Congress is hell-bent on politicising religion and using it for garnering votes, they have given up on Congress. They will vote for whichever party that provides this. Shashi should focus on his party delivering good governance rather than tinkering with religion to get votes.

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    Hindu?, You Decide About Your Religion

    See all of our blog posts. Subscribe to Blog via Email. Anything your guru utters should have serious tee-cred else they will be usurped from their position of power. Salvation: Remember karma is like tax, you can avoid it but then it comes back with interest. With most religions, whatever your expenses while living, death is even more expensive an affair.

    So find a religion where the tax rate is low, i. Loose change should be enough to dispose of a dead man everywhere, not just in UP. Already have an account?

    Hinduism! (The World's Oldest Religion Explained)

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