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What's the point in going through with the whole fake mating.. Sounds kind of stupid. However, I will mention my favorite character out of the entire book so far and that's freaking freddy! He's adorable and I instantly fell in love with him. I love his relationship with Winter and I can't wait to see it grow.

He's going to be a lady's man for sure. Overall, Winter still annoyed me a little bit and some things irked me. I'm obviously going to dive further into this series and give book 2 a chance. I hope it's good. In my opinion this book is unreadable. It was impossible to over look and made Reading it quite unpleasent. I Think the plot was cool - but it was Way too slow.

From beginning to end Not much developement in the relationship happened. You dont get any answers. Dont spend money on this. Jan 14, Felicia rated it really liked it. I was hoping this book would have more smut to it when I first started reading it. I got my hopes up thinking this reverse harem book would be super smutty. I was wrong. It doesn't really go into detail too much, if not at all. So if whoever is reading this review to try and decide if they want to read this but want smut.

This book does not do it for me. However, the story is one I've come to really enjoy. I like the concept of her having 4 mates. One from each line of supernaturals. I've already I was hoping this book would have more smut to it when I first started reading it. I've already finished book 2 and am currently reading book 3. So I don't want to say too much for hopes that I'm not mixing the events in the books.

I don't want to spoil anything for anyone. So I'll just say that if you are looking for a smutty reverse harem series. This is not the one for you. I am half way through book 3 and there still hasn't been a really good smutty scene. But if you are looking for a reverse harem series with a good back story then this one will fit your needs. There are a lot of grammatical errors in this book.

But I was able to look past them. This is paranormal soup, a little bit of this and that. Nothing really memorable about this, it's pretty meh urban fantasy. The heroine is pretty bland and the author is using some mysterious prophecy to make up for it. It ends on a cliffhanger and since it's KU I'll check out the 2nd book and we'll see if it improves.

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View 2 comments. One would think that Winter is your typical college student but then she discovers the supernatural world. Suddenly, she has ties to a werewolf pack and her roommate is setting her up with a vampire. Winter thinks she is just an unlucky human, but little does she know that she is the center of an ancient prophecy involving all the supernatural factions. This was book 1 in the series, so a lot of time was devoted to setting the series up and developing the main character, Winter.

She's likable, th One would think that Winter is your typical college student but then she discovers the supernatural world. She's likable, thankfully not annoying, and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. We really only get to know two of her fated four mates, Jaxon and Wyatt. The other two are introduced, just not developed. In typical G. Bailey fashion, we are given just enough of the plot to be intrigued before the book ends.

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It is like being given breadcrumbs - do you keep following the trail hoping it will lead you to something tasty, or do you realize breadcrumbs are not very satisfying unless there is a lump of bread thrown in every once and while to satisfy your current hunger. Since this is just book one, I'm willing to follow the trail a little longer. Usually, G. Bailey gives us a chunk of bread by the end of book 2.

Smut factor on this book is 1 out of 5 - nothing but kissing. Winter is stuck in the middle of a war she knows nothing about. On top of that, the guys that she is suppose to end up being with are making it difficult for her to be with them, and her heart is being broken. She must figure out what is happening before it is too late. This book was an okay start to this series. I'm a little bit frustrated that someone who is meant to be with the heroine is actually trying to be with someone else.

And then it feels like one of the good guys is doing pretty bad Winter is stuck in the middle of a war she knows nothing about. And then it feels like one of the good guys is doing pretty bad things. Other than that I did like it, but it wasn't great, and I'm not sure if I will read more in this series.

Guarding Her Heart It's true this novel would benefit from some editing, however, I didn't have any issues with understanding sentences nor did it have an impact on my comprehension or smoothness of reading. The story itself is enjoyable and I'm certainly going to read the next book. Decent Reverse Harem Pretty good plot and the ideas were unique.

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I liked the main character, but wish we got to know the heroes more. Needs editing. Feb 01, Mandy rated it really liked it Shelves: favorites , first-in-series , favorite-series , romance , shifters , paranormal-romance , love-the-cover , amazon-ebooks , fantasy , fiction. Winter and her best friend Alex have left home to attend school away at University. It's while she's away that she finds a hurt wolf next to her apartment, and being that animals are calm around her she brings it inside to take care of it's wound.

While doctoring up the wolf's injury she comes back to find that the wolf has transformed into a boy and then back again. Little did she know that by saving the wolf she would be pulled into the supernatural world. The guardian of the boy has taken it Winter and her best friend Alex have left home to attend school away at University. The guardian of the boy has taken it upon himself to make her part of his pack, as her guardian, he will protect her and teach her to protect herself.

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The wolves aren't the only one with an interest in Winter she's also drawn the attention of the prince of the Vampires which happens to be friends with an angel and witch who also have an interest in her. There is a prophecy that revolves around the four guys and Winter that will change everything in all of their lives.

However, there are those who don't want it to happen and are determined to get their hands on Winter. I like Winter she accepts the supernatural really easy the idea that she saved a werewolf didn't seem to bother her. Or the fact that she's dating a vampire, or her friend has her own secret life. I wasn't sure at first about Wyatt at first but as the book progressed he had some redeeming qualities even though he doesn't sparkle in the sun.

We haven't seen a lot of the other guys yet just a little taste but I can see this being an interesting harem. I've had this one on my wishlist for a while but I never seemed to get around to it. I'm in love with the cover for Winter's Guardian who doesn't love a girl in a beautiful dress with a wolf. I liked the concept for the reason behind who Winter is how she's connected to 4 different men from 4 different supernatural beings. The vampires aren't your typical vampire which I found intriguing and I loved the wolves.

This is my first book by the author but I can already tell it won't be the last I enjoyed her writing style. Winter's Guardian is a fast-paced hard to put down reverse harem story with great characters that I found easy to connect with. It is a cliffhanger so I'm dying to dive right into the next one and see what happened.

Sep 28, Coco. V marked it as to-read Shelves: freebie.

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Jan 31, Jamie The Kansan Reader rated it really liked it Shelves: college , fantasy , kindle-unlimited , new-adult , vampire , werewolves-or-shape-shifters , angels , reverse-harem , witches.